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Please contact : Takanori Nagai, Head of Marketing and Sales

Company introduction

Our company was established in 1996, and started as a technical manual production department of Pioneer Corporation. We have expanded to provide total documentation solution, including instruction manuals, service manuals, and we are now engaged in the production of digital contents in various media.

We create CG and technical explanatory animation, and other content that appeals to viewers. Using CAD data of the product provided by our customers, we produce product images of quality comparable to real product, and support the creation of sales promotion tools such as catalogs, pamphlets, exhibition panels, etc. in addition to technical documents services. Based on our experience in document creation, we will make effective proposals that combine our video and CG production skills with documentation expertise.

We will solve the problems of non-face-to-face customer contacts with our skills and knowledge.

The cancellation of exhibitions and various events where we meet with people face-to-face has a great impact on the marketing activities of companies. Opportunities for business development with new customers are decreasing, making it difficult for companies to acquire new customers. Traditionally, trade fairs have been an important business opportunity to bring prospects to products. Needless to say, the lack of trade fairs has created a significant loss of opportunity.

In the midst of the rapid changes that are occurring at present, how to secure contact with prospects has become an important issue. As one answer to this issue, PMC proposes a virtual exhibition using video and CG for the purpose of understanding the product in a virtual environment.

Providing online product information equivalent to real exhibitions

  • We aim to provide a lot of information about each product and give an overall picture of the product while feeling the image of visiting the exhibition in a realistic manner.
  • Visitors will be guided into the booth with the expectation of exploration that “useful information may be found”, and the benefits of the product will be disseminated and the product will be used. We will produce something that will interest you.
  • We will prepare product introduction content that allows you to concretely imagine the merits of product introduction.
  • We will create a 3DCG booth image and provide a virtual product corner.
  • The booth graphic produced by 3DCG and the product image are combined to create a live feeling of the exhibition hall.
  • A link to the product information is set in the product image placed in each product corner, and the product features / product specifications / 90 degree rotation view etc. can be opened by clicking.
  • The content launched by the link will be still images, videos, and guidance to your website.
  • The explanation staff (hotspot) will prepare a menu to guide you to the inquiry and a link to the product introduction on your company page.

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